This week, we have a full bathroom renovation guest report in from Celeste G., a condo owner and marketing, brand building, and copywriting triple threat in Park Slope. Read on down for Celeste’s debrief on her Brooklyn bathroom before and after!



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This week, we’re off to Chelsea to tour an apartment rescued from someone else’s well-intentioned (but ultimately not long-lasting) DIY tile project. Cara, Jared, and their dog, Indy, moved into their one bedroom, one bathroom co-op a few years ago, and though Cara was irked by the kitchen’s layout and finishes from the beginning, the couple arrived at a point of no return last year when the mosaic tile installed by the previous owners started to fall off the wall.

carak&bathreno (2)

“Evros was able to come in, be a calming influence at a stressful time, and meet deadlines from our board and our cabinet vendor. He’ll be back to help get our place ready for the arrival of our new baby!” (more…)

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Here on the Sweeten blog, we translate insight from NYC renovators and contractors into information you can use to make better decisions about improving your home. New Yorkers are no strangers to small spaces and close neighbors, but when you own your place, you might expect to have some control over how the interior looks and works. And you do… sort of. If you a live in a condo or a co-op, you can probably have a go at re-doing the kitchen and bath, but there are some major hurdles and a few showstoppers to making layout changes. Even for townhouse and brownstone owners, where changes to the walls and windows and roof are fair game, there are real cost implications to moving things around. We’ve done the homework for you here to help you decide if a layout change is a feasible starting point for your project.

changelayoutnyccondos (more…)

We’re back in the Clinton Hill Co-ops to admire another apartment that shed its walls to reveal a spacious layout, oversize windows, and light-filled open plan. Word is definitely getting out: if you can see beyond the cramped and divided interiors of so many of the units in these 1940s-era Brooklyn towers and get in there with a major renovation, you can end up with more square feet (and style) than you can find almost anywhere else in NYC.


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Hello again from Crown Heights! We were treated to a summer tour of Colin and Orli’s super creative work studio and we’re back this week for a full look at the new bathroom, kitchen, and living room in their two bedroom co-op. This scenic and costume designer pair is no stranger to creating transporting spaces and pieces for the theater, but they needed heavy duty help to deal with five layers of rotting floor tiles in the bathroom and fire damage hidden behind the kitchen walls. We dispatched Sweeten Expert Pedro for huge overhauls in both rooms and for custom replica and restoration work throughout the apartment, and we were so intrigued by the possibilities in this unique space that we took identical sets of before, during, and after photos that reveal how much work went into re-creating this home. Read on through for the full story.



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This week, we ventured just a ways up the street from Sweeten’s NYC headquarters to the East Village for a tour of a gut-renovated one bed, one bath co-op. This place was — to use the technical term — a disaster. As the apartment’s new owner, Henry, was clear to note in his Sweeten project post, the kitchen was destroyed, the bathroom was destroyed, the living room was destroyed…the whole place needed modern re-design and upgrades that would improve flow and use of space. Henry couldn’t move in until work was done, so we introduced him to Sweeten Experts Louie and Menny to manage some serious demolition and rebuilding.

SWEETEN_HenryApt-cover (more…)

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Here on the Sweeten blog, we aim to translate insight from NYC renovators and contractors into information you can use to make better decisions about improving your home. This week: we present to you a round-up of toilets. Ok, ok… not the most glamorous topic, but we are seeing a few trends in small space toilet selections from a year’s worth of renovated bathrooms that might save you some shopping time.

New Yorkers seem to be headed in similar directions: Kohler and Toto toilets are hands down the most popular picks, there are lots of new shapes and sizes and compact toilet options that make it easier to fit more in small spaces, and most new bathrooms now include toilets with ultra streamlined bases to minimize cleaning. And just in case you are wondering, Sweeten did not receive any promotions or freebies from any brands – no pay to play here!

kohler and toto toilets

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bianca’s Brooklyn Playroom — Sweetened!


SWEETEN_Robyn's playroom cover 01

This week, we’re taking a break from our standard fare of NYC kitchen and bath renovations to stop by a sweet and sunny playroom. The head of this (now) cute kingdom is Bianca, a toddler in Brooklyn’s Columbia Waterfront District. Bianca’s folks came to Sweeten to find a contractor team to deal with total disrepair throughout their newly purchased two-bedroom condo. We introduced the family to Sweeten Experts Paulina and Albert who came out swinging with a modern industrial kitchen renovation and beautiful tile layering in the bathroom. No structural changes were planned for the second bedroom, but the room was due for real work if a little one would be running around in there. The wood floors needed to be repaired, re-stained, and re-finished, the walls needed plastering and painting, and new doors and a storage set-up were planned for the closet.


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Here on the Sweeten blog, we aim to translate insight from NYC renovators and contractors into information you can use to make better decisions about improving your home. This week: we’ve rounded up a few sophisticated bathroom shower fixtures from Sweeten renovation projects. These little gems may seem like a small detail in a gut renovation, but the right shower head or tub faucet can visually cap a beautiful renovation and bring you a daily helping of serenity.


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This week, we took a swing through Manhattan’s West Side to check in on a big shake-up of a Midtown West apartment. Megha Desai, who runs a marketing company, came to Sweeten after nine years of living in her two-bed, two-and-a-half bath condo. Megha loved the place but was ready for a refresh – and after talking to friends in the industry who shared similar ideas for taking down walls and unifying the living area, this little refresh plan ultimately grew to include major demolition and construction. If this were a quiz that made you match the before photo to the after photo, we would probably fail – this is truly an eye-opening dining, kitchen, and bath renovation!



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