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This summer, we’ve been fortunate to be joined by Josh, Ron, & Kevin — Sweeten’s summer intern fleet! These guys have been impressing our team with their enthusiasm and insightfulness for the last 6 weeks, and today, they’ve outlined some of their favorite discoveries so far about the notoriously obscure and daunting process of renovating in NYC.


Josh on how renovating is much more complicated than Home Improvement

Before starting at Sweeten, my knowledge of home renovations came from re-runs of Tim Allen’s 90’s sitcom, Home Improvement. I always thought that home renovations were an easy process that only required some time and money -but of course, I was wrong. I quickly learned that there is so much more that goes into the home renovation process, the foundation of which is trust.

Without trust, a general contractor will have hesitations while doing his/her job and a homeowner will be uncomfortable throughout the process because of a lack of confidence in (more…)

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Here on the Sweeten blog, we’ve got your weekly fix of classic before and after renovation transformations, design ideas, and budget basics for every home improvement project. When you don’t have time for the weekly lowdown (or you’re running out of town for a long weekend…), check us out on Instagram and follow us @SWEETEN_HOME!


Straight from our 44,000 followers, here are some of the most loved Instagram snapshots from the Sweeten Network: (more…)

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Less than a year ago, Allison Stearns & her fiance, Jovito Pagkalinawan, purchased their first home together — a single-family brick row house, c. 1910, in the Ocean Parkway neighborhood of Brooklyn. Though they knew the place needed some serious renovations, Allison, a Content Manager, and Jovito, an Electronic Prepress Director, both in textbook publishing, promptly packed up and, along with their adorable cat, Momo, they moved in and geared up for some major home improvements. Today, Allison shares their renovation story, and walks us through the all stylish choices she & Jovito made in the process of Sweetening their amazing new home. 

brooklyn kitchen bathroom renovation

By: Allison Stearns

10 months of intense searching, 8 lost bids and a couple hundred viewed properties later, my fiancé, Jovito and I finally found an adorable 1910 brick row house in the Ocean Parkway neighborhood of Brooklyn to call our own. We loved the bones and original details of the house, but the 100+ year old home was also in need of some serious updating. We went into the purchase two parts excited and one part slightly terrified, knowing that we’d have some large-scale renovations ahead of us.  We had a lot of items on our “fix” list when we moved in this past September, but we also had a limited budget. We decided to focus our energy and efforts tackling the kitchen and upstairs bathroom renovation first.

Having never renovated a property before, we didn’t know where to start. How would we find a reputable contractor that would understand our vision, work within our budget and do a stellar job? Perusing Apartment Therapy on a day when I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all our options, I read about Sweeten and decided to post our project to the site. We really liked the idea that Sweeten would act as matchmakers and pair us with contractors based on our project’s scope of work and budget. Knowing that Sweeten had pre-screened their network of contractors also made choosing feel a lot less scary.

brooklyn kitchen bathroom renovation

brooklyn kitchen bathroom renovation

“I’ve already recommended Sweeten to several friends! Sweeten’s matching service removes a lot of the scariness and uncertainty associated with finding a qualified contractor.”

- Allison S., Brooklyn Homeowner


After meeting with 2 contractor matches from Sweeten, and 2 contractors that were friend referrals, we decided to award our renovation job to a Sweeten match, Sweeten Expert Pedro. We appreciated his pragmatism, patience in answering our many questions and his thoroughness during the onsite visit. We also appreciated that he seemed completely un-phased by the scary (to us), timeworn, “before” conditions of the kitchen and bathroom. He’d seen and worked on old houses like this many times, so that also helped us feel like we were in good hands. His familiarity with constructing IKEA kitchens and reasonable estimate sealed the deal. (more…)

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This week, we chatted with Michael Vargas, President and CEO of Vanderbilt Appraisal Company, a Manhattan-based appraisal firm. Michael has 20 years of valuation experience and his company has completed over 50,000 valuations in the tri-state area. Michael helped us shed some light on one of the most fraught aspects of any home purchase or sale: the appraisal. While the appraisal itself generally occurs as an owner is preparing to sell or refinance a home, most homeowners in the Sweeten community have an eye on future appraisals as they are designing renovations, even when they plan to enjoy their project for years.

Featured photos come from a Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn renovation by Sweeten Expert Alexandra B.


What are the elements that you assess when calculating the value of a home?

Michael: The most important factors in the New York City market are location, size, architectural style, number of bedrooms, and overall condition of the home. We also consider kitchen and bath renovations, amenities, view, and natural light.

What do homeowners get wrong when thinking about the value of their own homes?

Owners tend to think about their homes in an emotional sense: there are often elements of a home that an owner treasures that may not necessarily translate to the value that the owner has assigned. For example, extras like a fireplace, balcony, storage, or custom-designed walk-in closet may indeed enhance value, but the gain may not correlate directly to the original cost of the work or to the owner’s sense of emotional worth. An individual owner may have been willing to spend a significant premium for a special amenity but the general market of buyers may pay far less of a premium upon resale.

That makes sense. The New York Times recently published an article about how very personal renovations can be hard to sell. What can you tell us about appraising those kinds of properties?

Anything a seller does to limit the pool of potential buyers can lead to a discounted sale price. When a homeowner creates a highly personalized style, buyers tend to treat the property in the same way that they would an un-renovated property; they seek to extract the cost to re-do the renovation so that they are not over-paying for a property that will ultimately require significant work.



Tell us more about how you would factor a more typical, straight-forward renovation into the value of a home.

The level and condition of a renovation is one of the most vital components in determining the value of the home. We look at the cost of the renovation, consider typical costs for a similar renovation, and assess the time frame since the renovation was completed.

A newly-renovated property can carry 100% of the cost of the renovation to the overall value of the home. As time progresses, the value of the renovation tends to diminish on the scale of approximately 20% every three to five years. After you pass the ten-year mark, the value of the renovation tends to drop dramatically.

What can homeowners do to increase the value of their homes?

The most value-enhancing renovation projects are kitchens and baths. A newly-renovated kitchen and bath can increase the value of a home by as much as 100% of the cost of the renovation.

So, if I renovate my kitchen for $30,000 and my apartment was last priced at $330,000, can I assume that the new value of my home is $360,000?

Yes – you can make that assumption, but remember that the market is not static; market prices can fluctuate. If market prices are rising and you spend $30,000 to renovate your kitchen, the new value of your home is $360,000 plus the amount (or percent) of market price inflation. Of course, the reverse can be true, during a market downturn, the value attributed to a renovation can decrease along with the home’s selling price.


Homeowners renovating with Sweeten want to gain and maintain that value in their home after a renovation. Do you have any tips on how to do this? 

Most owners will see an immediate increase in value upon completion of a renovation project. During an appraisal, the owner should clearly call out the scope of the renovation as well as the related costs to the appraiser to ensure that the appraiser is accounting for the value of the work in the assessment.

We’ve been hearing for almost two years that New York City has very low inventory. Can that affect the appraisal?

The market in New York City is at historically low inventory levels. This situation tends to lead to rising prices, but it can also contribute to stagnation in the rate of sales. Demand can dissipate when buyers have such limited choice and are unimpressed with the quality of the properties on the market. Over the long term, however, we tend to see value escalate when inventory is low.


What determines the value of a home in Manhattan versus Brooklyn? Is there a difference that you can attribute to neighborhood?

The value of any home – whether it is in Manhattan or Brooklyn – is determined by the “principle of substitution”: the notion that the price of a home is set in accordance with other comparable, or “substitute”, properties. Market prices are ultimately localized, so owners and buyers should not directly compare homes in these two markets.

However, we have seen that what transpires in the Manhattan market can have an impact on the Brooklyn market. When market prices rise significantly in Manhattan, prime areas in Brooklyn also tend to rise. Although there has been recent convergence of value – some Brooklyn areas have comparable values to some Manhattan areas – there is still a large variance in value between the most valuable homes in Manhattan versus Brooklyn.

So, is now a good time to renovate or sell? 

Given that inventory remains so low, market prices are likely to continue to rise over the next six to twelve months. This is a great time to renovate a property with an eye toward a future sale because by the time you complete the project, the net gain in value will be higher than the cost of the renovation.



Photos: All featured photos are from a Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn renovation by Sweeten Expert #2901, Alexandra B.

If you’re ready to start your own renovation project, post on Sweeten to be matched with Experts who are perfect for the job!


“Renovations can be painful. Sweeten takes the hassle and guesswork out of the process. Overall it was a very pleasant experience and we are thrilled with the end product.”

-Ben C., Brooklyn Heights homeowner

What do you do when you realize that your bathroom is just not working for you anymore? Ben & Therese’s Brooklyn Heights bathroom wasn’t even 10 years old before they recognized that the space was ugly, outdated, and felt cramped — even little Enzo (pictured above) didn’t want to bathe in what he regarded as a cheap, generic tub — it was time for an update.

The couple took a savvy approach, collecting enough inspiration and research online that, together, they were ultimately able to design the bathroom of their dreams and a space that would reflect their personal tastes. They even built a 3D model of their ideas using Google SketchUp to help them plan and visualize the space; according to Ben, “we didn’t want to leave anything to chance, and we wanted to make sure we utilized every square inch as best we could.” With their very real vision, Ben & Therese were more than ready to renovate, so they posted their project on Sweeten to be matched with a contractor who would help them finish the job.


Ben & Therese moved forward with their first match who was just the right fit for the project, and in just 4 weeks, Sweeten Expert Aleks and his team were able transform the generic bath into the homeowners’ inspired vision. Here’s their space before & after:



The couple took a universal ideal of clean, simple and modern, but made a space that is uniquely theirs by incorporating industrial elements like cement tile & shower doors on sliding hardware, and adding a splash of color with Moroccan-inspired flooring tiles. Ben even says that it feels bigger and more open after renovating (a big plus in BK), not to mention that it’s much more functional. I love it, they love it, their friends love it, and little Enzo couldn’t be happier — sounds like a win!

Great work to Aleks & his team — and big congrats and many thanks to Ben, Therese & Enzo!

Jealous? Post on Sweeten to get matched and start renovating!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sweeten’s Renovation Map Launch!


Yesterday we launched our new, interactive renovation maps on Sweeten! We’re super excited about the project, and, already, so are our friends at Curbed, Brownstoner, & Gizmodo! We’ve mapped all of the projects posted on Sweeten along with the last 10 years of alterations permits filed with the NYC Dept. of Buildings.


Each dot on the map represents one building address, and by clicking on an address you can view the full record of each renovation in that building — including the owner, permit applicant, a description of work, the estimated cost of construction and filing fee, along with a link to the original DOB digital filing. Go to your building and see all the renovations on file …or on your block, in your neighborhood, or zip code!

We designed these maps to help the entire Sweeten community better understand the current renovation market, as well as how it changes over time, and we’ll be creating followup posts highlighting renovation investment trends that we see in neighborhoods across all five boroughs. We are also offering an email alert service for our “insiders” to receive monthly email updates on any new renovations filed in your list of watched addresses. Insider accounts are $10 per month. You’ll be automatically informed of work in your building, or any building on your watch list.

A fun fact for anyone curious about the map’s color palette: after a few trials that weren’t quite right, Jean used the orchid on her desk as the final color inspiration— doesn’t it look great?!

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 4.12.44 PM

The new maps are just one of the many educational features we’ve been developing at Sweeten to help our community better understand the renovation market here in NYC. Check out the project and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! http://sweeten.com/maps

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

One Kitchen, Three Ways in Clinton Hill


Ever since Billy & Sally came to us with their cramped Clinton Hill kitchen last year, we’ve spent a lot of time Sweetening homes in the Clinton Hill co-ops. One of the most remarkable things about these projects is that they all start with the exact same, 1940’s bones, but by the end, no two of these spaces ends up anything alike. I personally cannot decide which of these kitchens I love most, but one thing is for sure, they have all come a very long way! Have a look at these three renovation outcomes and let us know which you like best.

kitchen renovations in brooklyn

Kitchen #1: Billy & Sally’s Stylishly Curated Kitchen

kitchen renovations in brooklyn

Kitchen #2: Kyle & Angela’s Mid-Century Inspired Kitchen

kitchen renovations in brooklyn

Kitchen #3: Light & Modern, Family Kitchen

Let us know which you like best in the comments below (–and check back in a few weeks to see how this one finished up)!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nate & Michelle’s Greenpoint Roof Deck



Nate & Michelle had just about finished settling into their Greenpoint condo last spring, when it came time for the new homeowners to tackle their unfinished roof deck with its killer skyline views. The couple, both creative professionals in advertising, posted on Sweeten to find someone who could help convert the derelict roof into an extension of their home — an outdoor room with comfortable seating and plants to soften up the space. We introduced them to a few matches, and before long, they awarded their project to Sweeten member Hutson Landscape, owned by Corey Hutson, whose expertise in landscape design & construction was a perfect fit. When we stopped by to see how the project turned out, Nate, Michelle, and their bouncy labradoodle, “Kid,” were setting up to host some friends on their renovated roof. (more…)

Home School is a series of design stories and giveaways we run in partnership with Brooklyn Based, the best source for events, food and cultural news in and around Brooklyn. For the latest installment of Home School, we share some ideas about thoughtful design for kids’ rooms. Read on and enter at the bottom for a chance to win a Growing Up with Design prize package worth over $2,100. Details below!

sweeten-brooklynBasedKids-logos copy


Great design isn’t just for grownups — in fact, kids are notorious for wanting whatever it is that the grownups have, so it’s only natural that they’d envy our well-considered spaces! Here are a few local examples and ideas for designing a fantastic room for a baby, toddler, or big kid.


This family’s TriBeCa loft (above) underwent a full gut renovation once their daughter was born. Their architect, Olga Bakic, was clever to integrate built-in bookshelves and display niches into the little girl’s room. These details seem almost mature for such a little one, but they’ll be useful for storage and display at any age. When renovating with young ones in mind, it’s always wise to think ahead, sometimes way ahead! If built-ins are out of the question for now, HEARTWORK’s bookcases are a great alternative—they’re perfect for all ages and, since they’re built to last, they make a good investment for the kiddos. (more…)

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This week, we’re thrilled to be back on a renovation site under construction where we met up with new tS members, interior design firm, Mendelson Group. The team at Mendelson is a small, closely-knit group of young designers and project managers, lead by firm Principal, Gideon Mendelson. The team’s portfolio is so rich with interiors that are highly personalized and utterly distinct, we could hardly wait to get behind the scenes to learn more about their process! We caught up with the designers during a check-in meeting with their Upper West Side clients. Qian & Mike, a pair of young professionals, hired Mendelson Group after purchasing their 2000 sqft, 3-bedroom condo, looking to renovate the new home for themselves and their expected newborn. (more…)

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