Ben & Therese’s Sweetened Brooklyn Heights Bathroom


“Renovations can be painful. Sweeten takes the hassle and guesswork out of the process. Overall it was a very pleasant experience and we are thrilled with the end product.”

-Ben C., Brooklyn Heights homeowner

What do you do when you realize that your bathroom is just not working for you anymore? Ben & Therese’s Brooklyn Heights bathroom wasn’t even 10 years old before they recognized that the space was ugly, outdated, and felt cramped — even little Enzo (pictured above) didn’t want to bathe in what he regarded as a cheap, generic tub — it was time for an update.

The couple took a savvy approach, collecting enough inspiration and research online that, together, they were ultimately able to design the bathroom of their dreams and a space that would reflect their personal tastes. They even built a 3D model of their ideas using Google SketchUp to help them plan and visualize the space; according to Ben, “we didn’t want to leave anything to chance, and we wanted to make sure we utilized every square inch as best we could.” With their very real vision, Ben & Therese were more than ready to renovate, so they posted their project on Sweeten to be matched with a contractor who would help them finish the job.


Ben & Therese moved forward with their first match who was just the right fit for the project, and in just 4 weeks, Sweeten Expert Aleks and his team were able transform the generic bath into the homeowners’ inspired vision. Here’s their space before & after:



The couple took a universal ideal of clean, simple and modern, but made a space that is uniquely theirs by incorporating industrial elements like cement tile & shower doors on sliding hardware, and adding a splash of color with Moroccan-inspired flooring tiles. Ben even says that it feels bigger and more open after renovating (a big plus in BK), not to mention that it’s much more functional. I love it, they love it, their friends love it, and little Enzo couldn’t be happier — sounds like a win!

Great work to Aleks & his team — and big congrats and many thanks to Ben, Therese & Enzo!

Jealous? Post on Sweeten to get matched and start renovating!

  • Lauren


  • Catherine

    Although the new bathroom is very nice, I actually prefer the old version more. It looks more inviting and warm. The new bathroom is kind of cold an institutional looking. If that is what they were going fro, then it is right on the money. I also like the option to have a tub. But to each his own!

  • wendy

    I agree.
    I need / love a bathtub, for an occasional long soak.
    The new sink is GREAT.

  • Kim Pingaro

    The new bath is wonderful. The floor tiles add unique style and warmth. Perfect combination of contemporary + classic. The previous bathroom appeared to be a confusion of styles with builder grade traditional fixtures with a stainless steel slipcover. Noble attempt but the new bathroom is the real deal.

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  • Val

    Speaking as a short person, (5-2″), I think around half of the built-in cabinet space would be somewhat if not completely inaccessible for me without a big step stool. It also strikes me that a great deal of stuff could and would get “lost” in the back of a cabinet with only shelves that is 2′-9″ deep.

    Someone my size would be able to get maximum use out of this cabinet space if full height “rolling pantry” type storage was installed in this space — something like 2 or 3 full height and full depth pullouts with adjustable height bins or shelves would be ideal. (Possible 1 around 8-9″ deep for holding misc. bottles, 1 sized for a good width to store towels and other bulky goods, and 1 somewhere with a width in between.)

  • Laura

    Who designed the bathroom door hardware?

  • Kimberly

    Source of the floor tile please!

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  • maureen Rosen

    I like the idea of the built in closet but how is it waterproofed?

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  • Janet

    I prefer the old bathroom to the new one. The new one is very dark and drab looking with all the dark tiles on the walls and floors, despite all the added lighting. The floor tile is too taste specific and could be considered a fad. It would have been better used as an accent piece. If you eliminate the tub and base of the sink, you have the illusion of a deeper bathroom. Hopefully they have second bathroom with a tub as eliminating tubs in an apartment impacts resale values.

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