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This week we caught up with a new member of Sweeten network, interior designer Jarret Yoshida to check out his recent studio design. The owner of this Gramercy Park studio divides his time between NYC and Hong Kong, and hired Jarret after deciding that this time, he didn’t want to come back to the same pied-à-terre he was leaving behind. In a short 3 months, Jarret and his team were able to bring together a gorgeous new home; with an assortment of custom furnishings and one-of-a-kind pieces, the design is an elegant blend of modern & multicultural aesthetics. The team also worked very efficiently with their space planning for a design that maximizes both beauty and functionality.

Here’s what this homeowner came home to find. The new sofa was custom designed by Jarret & his team; its low, flat back doubles as a second bench for seating which makes it perfect for entertaining in a small space.

(The place has come a long way from before!)

This coffee table was a vintage find and its organic knots are a perfect compliment to the charcoal and gesso drawing by local artist Joshua Bricker.

Jarret was thrilled with the high level of finishing on the new cabinetry which was crafted by a local furniture maker. The cabinets (as well as hardwood floors throughout the space) are California Walnut.

In the kitchen, Jarret was able to implement some sustainable materials, using ‘leftovers’ for the countertops and floor tiles. The stone countertops are made in the Brooklyn Navy Yard by IceStone. And these porcelain tiles are from Stone Source.

We fell in love with this space-saving, wall-mounted workspace –a real steal from Design Within Reach.

And just next to the workspace, Jarret created a sleeping niche that is outfitted with so many sweet details, like a cutom-designed built-in bed with storage, twin sconces from rico, and pretty cherry blossom curtains from West Elm.

Many thanks to Jarret for sharing this beautiful project!

  • Meme

    What happened to the air conditioner?


    @Meme That was my exact question! I love this remodel, though. Great way to make a small space feel like home.

  • laetitia

    The link to Design Within Reach seems to be broken… too bad I would like to do the same workspace for my daughter .

  • Shera

    @laetitia – i just fixed the links! sorry about that!

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