Homeowner Guest Post: Lisa’s Kitchen Renovation, pt. 2

Last week we met Lisa Law, the Brooklyn Heights homeowner who recently finished her budget-friendly kitchen renovation with tS member NYC Pros. Now that you’ve heard the backstory, as documented by Lisa herself, this week Lisa reveals the outcome of her fully-updated kitchen, along with a very helpful rundown of her anticipated budget & the actual cost of the project. 


I love my new kitchen!  Although I had picked every element of the new kitchen, I was concerned that the finished whole was not going to be equivalent to the sum of all the parts; would it work cohesively in the end?  There were a few stressful times, and I did have to make some quick decisions that could have gone awry, but ultimately, I set out to achieve some major objectives and I believe I more than met them all.  I have more cabinet space, more countertop space, larger appliances, it feels much more modern and homey, and it was done in a fairly budget- and time-conscious way.  In fact, my kitchen now makes the rest of my apartment now look pretty shabby!





The Budget

I generally stayed within budget.  As I said, it was a “renovation-on-a-budget.” I had originally planned to spend $6,000, which increased to $9,000 when I decided to replace my appliances.  In the end, I hit almost $11,000, but that was because of a couple of “extras” that I did not account for – delivery charges, taxes, etc. I also asked Peter to install some new medicine cabinets in my bathroom. Renovations can be addicting, I just did not want to stop!

Type Item Estimate Actual
Range Hood Zephyr Breeze I Series AK1124 $209
Stove Summit Pro Series TNM616RW $739 $1,009
Refrigerator LG LRBP1031T $805 $950
Countertop and Sink Countertop $1,200 $1,500
Cabinets Cabinets $2,500 $2,671
Contract Work Contract Work $3,200 $4,000
Sink Kraus KBU15 $230 N/A
Delivery Ikea Delivery Charge $64
Backsplash Merola Tile Tessera Tile $251 $274
Vinyl Flooring TrafficMaster Floor Tile $136
Parking Charge Ikea Parking Charge $100
Backsplash Additional Merola Tile $152
TOTAL  $9,134  $10,856
  DIFFERENCE -$1,722  




30 Days After

For me, the hardest part of having a new kitchen was figuring out where everything goes afterwards. I suppose in hindsight, I should have planned where my dishes, silverware, cleaning supplies, pantry items, etc, would be kept. My objective was just to maximize storage efficiently, as best I could, but I didn’t actually think about which cabinets would store which items!  Lucky for me, I put in enough drawers and cabinets that I just about found a place for everything. Minus a few tall items, like my Swiffer.  Oops – note to self for next time.

I’ve also put my kitchen through a few test runs at this point, having hosted two dinner parties already, one for my family (party of 7) and one for a few girlfriends (party of 4).  The new arrangement deftly allowed my fiancé and I to cook and clean together, with minimal fuss.  My kitchen report card after 30 days?  I still heart it – it’s so bright and clean and modern, I’m 100% glad I did it!



We heart it too, Lisa! Thanks so much for all of your great insight on budget renovating with theSweeten!

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  • Nalina

    Love it! Proof you can do a great-looking kitchen remodel without breaking the bank–

  • James

    What a Sweet post!

  • lorrie

    You did a beautiful job! I am looking into renovating my kitchen and this post has been very helpful. I know you haven’t been able to see if the Ikea cabinets stand the test of time, but how do you find the quality? They sure look great.

  • Amy

    Beatiful! Random question- I love the “open your heart” print – perfect for my newborn’s nursery. Source?

  • Jenny

    Kudos to you!! Amazing job on not just the cost, and the look, but also the incredibly short time for the renovation!! Beautiful….

  • williams

    Great redo you can’t go wrong with Ikea looks clean and organized for the space, thank for sharing

  • Lisa Law

    Thanks everyone for the comments! I had a lot of fun doing the renovation so am glad everyone enjoyed it. In regards to the quality of the cabinets, I think it is a bit early to tell but I’m happy with them so far. I think they are actually pretty sturdy. The fronts are also very easy to clean. Ikea cabinets are so reasonable as well so I am a satisfied customer. As for the print, it is a DIY.

  • Hot stuff

    Omg so hot. I would totally eat off the floor.

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    Great job! Where did you get those chairs and table? Do the chairs slide completely under without bumping into the table leg?

  • Cynthia

    Love the look and size of the dishwasher too!! do you currently like the quality and performance? didn’t see it in your list— could you provide the name/model and approx price?

  • Laura

    I actually saw that apartment when it was for sale, and I hated the kitchen. If I saw it now I would probably buy it!

  • Leslie

    Hello – I’m wondering if you could share the dimensions of your kitchen work area? I have an absolutely tiny area for a kitchen and just can’t figure out how to fit appliances in it.

  • Joycee

    Great job on the kitchen! So clean and fresh Also wondering where you got the “open your heart” print….would love it for my family room.

  • Melissa

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! So fresh and bright. Can I ask you where you got the two white chairs that you’ve paired with the tripod table?

  • Veronica

    Love the kitchen redo! Kudos to you. I absolutely adore the round table and chairs. Where did you find them?

  • Lisa Law

    Hi – Haven’t checked this in a while so missed a bunch of questions! The chairs are from CB2 (Orbit) and the tripod table is from West Elm. The white one is discontinued but West Elm still sells a dark brown one. The Open Your Heart print is actually something I drew and then framed. The kitchen is probably about 12 by 7?

    Hope that helps!

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  • Rose

    Hey Lisa! Stunning! LOVE it! Where did you get your white chairs? I have the same tripod table and love the look. Can you share where we might be able to get a pair of these divine chairs?

  • Lisa Law

    Hi Rose, the chairs are called Orbit from CB2. Just a note that the tripod table is so small that you can really only fit two of the Orbit chairs around it comfortably. Hope that helps!

  • Aviva

    Hi, Lisa,
    You did a wonderful job renovating your kitchen! Your taste is exactly like mine… So can you tell me where did you buy the following items:
    Back splash tiles, floor tiles (linoleum?), counter tops.

    Many thanks, and enjoy many happy occasions in your new kitchen.

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  • Kisha

    I Love the shelf you installed for the pots and the towel bar. Where did you get them?

  • Ricky

    Do you have the contact info for nyc pros?

  • Lisa

    Hi Kisha – The shelf is actually from Ikea – it’s called the grundtal. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00011428/

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