Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finished Gut Renovation in the West Village



This week we’re back in the West Village to check out tS member Maslow Interiors‘ newest completed project. After almost 30 years in their 1,000 sqft flat, homeowners Ron & Suzen were excited to give their space a full gut renovation which began early last summer. The home’s new 1-bed, 2-bath layout is a complete reworking of the former 2-bed, 1-bath arrangement; and a uniquely designed (and precisely built) open kitchen takes center stage, making it the perfect space to cook and host friends & family. When we stopped by, Peter Maslow and photographer Cary Whittier (carywhittier.com/) were on site as well, snapping some final shots of the completed project.


Looking at the home’s new centrally located kitchen ‘box': the exterior of the box is clad in solid oak paneling. Inside, the kitchen features white laquer surfaces. Peter’s team had to work extremely precisely when constructing every element of the cubic kitchen in order to guarantee perfect geometry, true to the architect’s drawings.


Peter Maslow, owner of Maslow Interiors, was happy to see another great project finish up. (Outside of his contracting business, Peter is also a fine artist –check out his paintings at his current show Gowanus, Vienna.)

We love the kitchen's bright, modern finishes. The cabinetry is custom made of white lacquer with pre-finished maple interiors, and white glass countertops are sourced from SMC Stone in Brooklyn.

We love this kitchen’s bright, modern finishes. The cabinetry was custom made, featuring white lacquer faces & pre-finished maple interiors, and looks great paired with sleek white glass countertops. On the floor, Peter’s team laid 24″ square celador tiles in ‘oyster’ from Stone Source.


Looking into the main living space: the dining area is large enough to set up for a big dinner party (–a certain luxury in NYC!). The living room/den in the back of the space can be closed off by a 9′ pocket door in order to double as a guest bedroom. All new Marvin windows were installed throughout the home by Authentic Window Design.


(Before the renovation, the kitchen was tucked into this back section of the home where the den is now located.)


Here’s a detail of the den’s pocket door which stays elegantly concealed when not in use.


Built-in shelving and concealed-hardware cabinetry line one wall of the new den. The space has a nice relation to the open kitchen –enough distance to create privacy when needed, but otherwise still closely connected both spatially & visually.


The finished space looks fabulous –well done Maslow Interiors!

Many thanks to Ron, Suzen, Suzanne & Betty for sharing their beautiful renovation! (after photos: carywhittier.com/)

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  1. Posted by jared on February 21, 2013 | 4:57 PM

    christ, that before picture… what a dump!

  2. Posted by Shel on February 22, 2013 | 7:12 AM

    A place is a dump because of a messy countertop, and visible telephone cords? It looks like a home, where 30 years of real living took place. Congratulations on your renovation, it looks beautiful, stylish and ready for great new memories.

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