Meet the Contractor: James

Sweeten handpicks the best local general contractors for major renovations. The screening process can be a bit technical (licensing, insurance, references, portfolios, experience and beyond…!) but we love getting to know these experts and want to share their stories with you – where they’re from, what they love most about construction, and what renovation challenges they face. Today, meet James!


Where are you from and how long have you been in construction?

I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I have been in construction since 1990. 

How did you get into construction?

My father was an architect and my brothers were builders—I worked for them. Then when I got to design school, I started to build my own designs and started construction for design firms.

Describe your favorite project.

They are all different, it depends on the client. When I finish a job, I’m happy when clients say, “Wow, this is better than I thought it would be.” It can be a commercial job or a small one-piece item, or it could be a whole kitchen, big development. It depends on the job. I like them all! I like designing and I like meeting people and solving problems for them.

What do you like about Sweeten? How has it helped with your business?

I get to meet people that I might not have otherwise met. There’s an opportunity to make it happen—it’s been very nice that Sweeten has introduced me to some very good clients.

Yankees or Mets?

The Knicks!

Favorite New York City building or structure?

First thing that comes to mind is Louis Sullivan’s building on Bleecker Street. It’s the only Sullivan building in the city.

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  • Miranda

    These are my favorite posts! Love a man who loves Louis Sullivan. Keep ’em up Anne!