Meet the Contractor: Paulina and Albert

Sweeten handpicks the best local general contractors for major renovations. The screening process can be a bit technical (licensing, insurance, references, portfolios, experience and beyond…!) but we love getting to know these experts and want to share their stories with you – where they’re from, what they love most about construction, and what renovation challenges they face. Today, meet Paulina and Albert!


Where are you from and how long have you been in construction?

We’re both from Poland and have been in construction for about 10 years.

How did you get into construction? 

Paulina: My dad, for me. The first time, I had to be like 11. He hired an architect to design a little fireplace outside of our house and I thought she was so cool because she came out with a lot of drawings and blueprints. I thought, “Wow, this is really, really amazing.” Ever since I met that architect, I was inspired to design. Later, when I worked for a construction company, I decided I actually wanted to do design and build.

Albert: Construction has always been my passion. I did a lot of woodworking when I was very young and worked as a carpenter when I was 16. I loved it from the beginning. What used to be a hobby became something I did professionally and I love my job.

What do you love most about construction?

Different projects… the clients – you pick a project, go from start to finish and then start again with a different project. There’s a uniqueness to the changing environment.

What is your ideal client?

I think someone that has a general sense of what they’re looking for, but maybe didn’t have a chance to get the advice they needed from somebody else. I like when we find somebody that we can actually help. They’ll say “Okay! Nobody actually explained it to me like that!”

What is the biggest challenge you see for renovating in New York?

The cost, for sure, the cost. We have a huge shop where we run cabinetry and a millwork shop so the overhead is a big thing for us, definitely.

What do you like about Sweeten? How has it helped you run your business?

We love it because clients love it. Clients love the idea that they can find a contractor that has the backing of a huge company, and homeowners can also have their projects featured. A lot of clients are very involved in the design, and they’re happy that there is recognition for the project when it gets featured on the Sweeten blog. 

Yankees or Mets?

We don’t understand baseball, we’re Polish — soccer!

Favorite New York City building or structure?

Albert: The Empire State building.

Paulina: I don’t know, I don’t have a favorite one. I love New York City!

Check out a recent renovation by Paulina and Albert on the Upper East Side 

custom white cabinets kitchen renovation

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