4 Ways to Add Storage to Your Shower Renovation

If you’re redesigning your shower, it’s good to remember that a successful design relies on both aesthetics and practicality. Some showers lean too far one way or the other. The minimal approach of floor-to-ceiling tile in the shower surround can be beautiful—but where does one keep the shampoo? Showers with windows placed squarely in the center, while benefitting from natural light and added ventilation, sometimes have just the window ledge strip as the only available shelf. And if you’re going all-glass, your storage options will be on public display. Here are a few ways to design with storage in mind.

1. Attach metal shower baskets to the shower wall.

This is a great solution and quick fix if you’ve found that you need more storage. In Sophia and Leon’s full bath gut renovation, Sweeten Experts Paulina and Albert installed metal shower baskets that matched the finish of their brand new shower fixtures.

subway tiles

It’s a look we’ve seen before in Carrie and Jack’s modern and minimalist bathroom by Sweeten Expert Aleks.


2. Add a window ledge.

It can be easy to overlook a windowsill when considering your storage options, but with the addition of a ledge, you’ll have more room for toiletries plus a surface that’s a breeze to wipe down. In Molly and Jonathan’s bathroom, Sweeten Expert Gennadiy added a slab of Corian to their windowsill to create a new window ledge.

ditmas park bathroom remodel all-white bathroom renovation

And in Megan and Ryan’s bathroom, Sweeten Expert Alan replaced uneven tile with a slab of Carrera marble for their new window ledge.

SWEETEN_MeganRyanBathroom-04 SWEETEN_MeganRyanBathroom-09b

3. Cut corner shelves from stone tile.

This custom look adds a natural surface extension to showers using stone tiling. It’s just a touch more luxe than the metal basket addition, but still understated and simple. Leftover marble tiles from the shower surround were cut by Sweeten Experts Valeria and Eduard and made into corner shelves in Laura and Peter’s all-white bathroom renovation.

SWEETEN_Laura_Bathroom-01 SWEETEN_Laura_Bathroom-05

Custom corner shelves were also cut from additional tile in Holly and Christian’s bathroom, another renovation completed by the duo Valeria and Eduard. To recreate this look, remember to order a few extra tiles.

greenwich village bathroom renovation greenwich village bathroom renovation

4. Build a recessed shower niche to store shampoo, conditioner, and everything in-between.

Plan with your designer or contractor at the start of your renovation to decide on the size and placement of your niches. Tile your niche with the same finishes as your shower surround for a seamless look or use a dramatically lighter or darker tile to add contrast.

Sweeten Expert Jon used gray porcelain tile with the appearance of coarse denim to fill in shower niches, a callback to the floor and accent wall tile behind the sink vanity in Mario and Joe’s contemporary bathroom renovation.


In a similar move, Sweeten Expert Pedro used a black accent tile to line the tub, shower niches, and lip of the window in Pallavi and Keyur’s black and white bathroom.


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