4 Space-Savvy Kitchen Renovation Hacks

No matter the size or layout of your kitchen, there are probably a few things you wish you could change. Not having enough prep space or room to store your stuff can be tough to deal with, and adding square footage isn’t always possible or practical. But you can work with what you got. Creative design choices, like the ones outlined below, can help you make the most of your kitchen renovation.

Add a pull-out cutting board

Casey and Kumar’s pull-out cutting board adds additional prep space in a kitchen that severely lacks counter space. It’s part of a custom built-in constructed by Sweeten Expert Kris and is one of many multifunctional elements in the couple’s Swiss army knife apartment renovation. A small but high-impact addition to a total renovation that gives them more options when there are extra hands in the kitchen.

SWEETEN_Casey_Apartment-11 SWEETEN_Casey_Apartment-12

Connect counters with a bridge

In Brad and Michelle’s kitchen, counter space was squeezed between appliances, but with the addition of a custom counter bridge by Sweeten Expert Kris, the countertop was inexpensively expanded into a long L-shape. The new counter bridge makes use of what was once dead space without blocking a nearby window or radiator. It also connects the existing countertop to a new open shelving unit.


Top an island with a bar block

Cara and Jared worked with Sweeten Expert Evros to fit in a bar block on top of the island, a signature design move from cabinet maker Henrybuilt. For professional chef Jared, the slim bar block provides easy-access storage for spices and other cooking essentials without minimizing counter space.

SWEETEN_Cara_Kitchen-Bathroom-10 SWEETEN_Cara_Kitchen-Bathroom-13

A window seat with storage

Shortly after walking into Evelyn’s kitchenSweeten Expert Jon had the idea to add a window seat in a spot that had previously been empty. The idea stuck, and by the end of the renovation, Evelyn’s window niche became a window seat complete with a custom bench, dining table, and open shelving underneath.

window seat

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