5 Closets for the Fashion-Obsessed

Got more style than space? Here’s how to close the door on clutter

When it comes to keeping your wardrobe organized, there’s nothing better than a custom closet with plenty of room for clothing, shoes, and accessories. As a free service matching homeowners with vetted general contractors, Sweeten works to create smart storage for spaces of all sizes. Here are five of our favorite closet renovations for those with a big fashion sense and not quite as much space.

custom closetLauren’s closet

The closet in Lauren’s studio apartment was small and tucked away in a hard-to-reach spot. Since you can’t magically make your closet bigger, she decided to find a better spot for it. She moved the closet from the corner next to the bed to an alcove in the main living area—previously a workspace. The result is Pinterest-worthy organization.

SWEETEN_Michael_Millwork-02-04Matthew’s shoe closet

The standard closet build doesn’t give a lot of thought to shoe storage, so if you’re really into footwear, you’ll be faced with the problem of where to store them all. With 87 pairs of shoes in need of storage, Matthew had a custom closet designed with pull-out drawers—each sized to his size 9 shoes—hidden behind a sleek panel door.

SWEETEN_Cody_Apartment-13-14Marissa and Cody’s living room closets

A layout change that resulted in opening the kitchen to the living room gave Marissa and Cody the opportunity to demolish the three narrow closets in the main living area and build two larger ones. By taking down the walls between the closets, the couple was able to increase their storage by making use of what was previously dead space between the walls.

sweeten_hari_apartment-12SWEETEN_Hari_Apartment_Closet_GIFHari and Kaity’s bedroom closets

With a single closet in their bedroom, Hari and Kaity didn’t have the storage they needed to keep their space neat and organized. Since they had plenty of room to work with, they had their contractor build two large closets side-by-side, doubling the amount of storage. The original closet was then turned into a desk nook.

SWEETEN_Michael_Flooring-05-06Michael and Chenta’s bedroom closet

Michael and Chenta decided to overhaul the existing closet in their bedroom. They had a large closet built with simple, oak doors and added a floating wall in front of it. The wall separated their closet from the rest of the bedroom, giving it the feeling of a walk-in closet while still allowing the space between the wall and the closet to be used as a walkway.

Looking to add more storage to your home? In the kitchen, a pantry will keep things under control, while a vanity in the bath is great for corraling toiletries and other necessities.

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