6 Ways to Add a Washer + Dryer to Your Apartment

It’s time to come clean…here’s how to fit a washer and dryer—from individual machines to the stackable or combo unit—in your home!

Washer and dryer under kitchen peninsula

The soup-to-nuts laundry room is something you’re only likely to see in a house in the suburbs. Whether or not you have an extra room to spare in your apartment, you can still reap the benefits of one in a fraction of the space. Stack your machines, tuck them into niches, or go for a washer dryer combo that does double duty in a single appliance. And if you’re worried about your home looking like a laundromat, fret not! There are many ways to hide the units so that they’ll blend in with the rest of your home. Here’s how six Sweeten homeowners fit a bit of modern convenience into their apartments.

Under-cabinet washing machine in kitchenAn undercounter washing machine in Davison and Bernice’s Upper West Side kitchen.

Inspired by the principles of feng shui, Davison and Bernice wanted to make small changes that would have a big impact on the functionality of their kitchen. After deciding to keep the original layout intact, a spot under the counter was earmarked for a washing machine. With two kids, the addition of the washing machine made a huge difference for the family—even though they opted to forgo the dryer—by cutting down on lengthy trips to the building’s laundry room.

Stacked washer and dryer hidden in kitchenA stacked washer and dryer in Holly and Christian’s Greenwich Village kitchen.

For self-described “completely non-creative people,” Holly and Christian’s inspired take on the traditional laundry room just goes to show there is some creativity in all of us. A gut renovation of the kitchen and a reimagining of the existing layout placed the new fridge next to a stackable washer and dryer, concealing the pair behind chic paneling designed to match the rest of the cabinetry.

A washer and dryer hidden in a kitchen peninsulaA washer and dryer in Henry’s East Village kitchen peninsula.

The kitchen peninsula is one of the most versatile parts of the kitchen. It can be used as additional prep space and storage, a spot for a cooktop or range, or even a laundry nook! Henry installed a washer and dryer within his kitchen peninsula, hiding the units behind cabinet doors. The addition of the units truly makes the kitchen the hardest working room in his home.

A washer dryer combo unit in a master closetA washer dryer combo unit in Frans and Dalal’s Gramercy Park studio closet.

Frans and Dalal set out to equip their new studio with all the modern conveniences one usually finds at home but in a fraction of the space. And what’s more convenient than having a washer dryer combo unit in the same closet as your clothes? With a new, pass-through master closet to replace the old walk-in closet, the reconfiguration of space meant there was room to install a compact washer dryer. Now there’s only a few feet, rather than a few floors, between the hamper and the washing machine.

Laundry closet with stacked washer and dryerA laundry closet in Laura and Peter’s Upper East Side apartment.

During the apartment hunt, finding a home with an existing washer and dryer within the apartment was one of Laura and Peter’s top priorities. Despite encountering many buildings that wouldn’t even allow machines inside, the couple prevailed. A laundry closet was built in their new home right outside the bathroom, the close proximity ideal for the necessary access to water. The final outcome—a stacked washer and dryer, room for hampers, and shelves for linens—exceeds the couple’s expectations.

Entryway closet with stacked washer and dryerA stacked washer and dryer in Felix’s entryway closet.

When it came time to pull the trigger on a much-needed renovation, Felix envisioned a home with clean lines, Scandinavian-inspired design, and a washer and dryer—the holy grail of apartment conveniences. She decided that the entryway closet was the perfect location for a stackable washer and dryer. A new closet was built nearby for storing coats as well as the odds and ends that had been booted from the original closet. Worth it? Felix calls her stackable washer and dryer a “life-changer.” We agree!

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