Where’s the Fridge? 6 Kitchens with Custom Refrigerator Paneling

Is your refrigerator running…from the law? (Just kidding!) Custom paneling can be the perfect disguise.


One of the first things you see upon walking into a kitchen is the fridge; it’s big, it’s shiny, and its surface is often peppered with souvenir magnets, wedding invitations, to-do lists—you name it. But the kitchens we’re about to show you will have you scratching your head and wondering, “Where’s the fridge?” Because here’s the thing—you don’t have to put your fridge on display. No matter the style or size, whether it’s a single-door fridge with a bottom freezer drawer or an under-counter model, you can disguise it with custom paneling designed to match your kitchen cabinets. You can even extend the paneling to hide a built-in pantry next door and keep all your foodstuff in one spot, from fresh fruit and vegetables to cooking oil and spices. Scroll down for 6 smart takes on the concealed fridge.

sweeten_kavi_kitchen_bathroom-01Kavi and David’s Clinton Hill kitchen.

An open plan kitchen with a large center island received an ultramodern renovation that brought with it a contemporary, art-house vibe. White, flat front cabinets with hidden hardware provide a sleek, contemporary look while matching paneling hides the fridge from view.

Claudia-gifClaudia’s Upper East Side kitchen.

This 1929 apartment once boasted original details full of charm and character until they were stripped away to make room for modern upgrades. In the renovated kitchen, details like molding make a return to cabinet doors and panels concealing the fridge and freezer drawer, turning back time for a more traditional look.

Casey-fridge-gif-no-watermarkCasey and Kumar’s Clinton Hill kitchen.

Contemporary meets the natural world in this updated kitchen, combining white paint and clean lines with natural materials like wood grain and dark charcoal soapstone that bring color and texture. Disguised within a unique built-in facing the main kitchen, custom paneling hides the fridge, freezer drawer, and pantry.

SWEETEN_John_Kitchen_Bathroon-06Emily’s Upper West Side kitchen.

The clever placement of the fridge in this tiny galley kitchen allowed the expansion of prep space along the countertop. Keeping all upper space clear, black cabinets with gold hardware were installed along the lower base, and hiding among them behind the first handle on the left is the undercounter fridge—perfect for those who don’t need a full-sized appliance.

sweeten_frans_apartment-22Frans’ Gramercy Park kitchen.

A compact studio necessitates a space-savvy fridge. Installed only a few feet from the rest of the kitchen, the fridge and dual freezer drawers are cloaked by white panels that allow them to blend into the wall. As an added bonus, the close proximity of the wine storage to the fridge makes a fast turnaround for wine-and-cheese occasions.

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