5 Kitchen Renovations that Cost $25K-32K

If your renovation budget is in this range, these projects offer a good perspective of what you can do

You’re eager to start on your kitchen renovation but the same question keeps popping up: What can I get for my budget? In most metro areas, $25k-32k range is a solid range for a standard kitchen remodel, enough to give the room a functional update plus add your own personal touches. That covers materials, labor, and installation with additional costs to consider if substantial updates to plumbing or electrical, or changes in the layout, are involved. This budget can also cover all of the basic components necessary to upgrade your kitchen: appliances, cabinets, countertops, sink, backsplash, lighting, and flooring. The five kitchens below, renovated by Sweeten general contractors, serve as good examples of what you can get for your money.

kitchen remodel cost
Eric’s kitchen in the West Village, Manhattan

This apartment, in a desirable location in downtown Manhattan, had everything going for it—except for the tiny galley kitchen. Opening up the space was the first priority. With a kitchen reno budget of around $25k, the homeowner, Eric, had custom cabinets designed by his Sweeten contractor and wide oak plank flooring installed to replace the original linoleum. A new lighting fixture in the center of the kitchen and undercabinet LED lighting help brighten up the handsome space.

kitchen remodel cost Amanda’s kitchen in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

Once a dark and closed-off space, this kitchen was almost a deal-breaker when it came to considering the apartment at all. Homeowner and first-time renovator Amanda took on the task of creating her dream cooking space with a budget of $25k in hand. The new kitchen has a few walls removed that separated it from the rest of the home; the design is clean and bright but not too modern, with shaker-style cabinets, rich walnut countertops, built-in shelving, and a patterned floor tile. Keeping the original appliances allowed Amanda to keep costs low and install custom cabinetry.

kitchen remodel cost
Daniel’s galley kitchen in Jackson Heights, Queens

A chef-turn-food writer, Daniel decided to redo his galley kitchen so that he could cook comfortably in the space. Working with a budget of $32k, Daniel set about tackling the design flaws and claustrophobic vibes of the narrow kitchen. Custom cabinets and open shelving replaced the original cabinetry and the fridge moved to a spot at the end of the galley to improve the flow. To preserve prep space, the microwave was moved to a shelf under the counter. Vertical, pull-out cabinets were installed to create plenty of pantry space and the countertops were replaced with cherry butcher block. All appliances were upgraded as well to finish off the serious chef’s kitchen.

kitchen remodel cost
Evelyn’s kitchen on the Upper West Side, Manhattan

Evelyn was in search of a kitchen that was separate from the rest of the apartment and found one on the Upper West Side. Although the kitchen passed as workable, it had plenty of room for improvement. With a $29k budget to work with, she wanted a modern kitchen with a retro feel that was highly efficient and made cleaning easier. The biggest decision was the cabinets—a glossy pre-fab set in white from IKEA to make the most of the natural light from the one window in the kitchen. A taller refrigerator, compact dishwasher and oven, and a deep sink were also installed. The floor tile in black-and-white checkerboard boldly completed the look.

kitchen remodel cost Ketrina’s kitchen in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

After living in her one-bedroom apartment for five years, Ketrina decided it was time for an upgrade. She focused on the kitchen, and with a renovation budget of around $32k, opening up the kitchen and maximizing storage were the top priorities. The space transformed to include an eat-in peninsula, custom cabinets, countertops, penny tile backsplash, and new lighting. Since the original wood flooring was still in good shape, Ketrina decided to keep it, saving a substantial amount of money. Watch Ketrina talk about her Sweeten renovation on NBC’s Open House.

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