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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Park Slope Home Renovation


park slope home renovation

“It’s an amazing feeling to walk into our apartment and feel like it’s our ‘home’ — and we owe much of that to Peter and his team.”

–Marie Clare K., Homeowner

When Park Slopers Marie Clare & Peter purchased their first home together early this year, the couple, along with their daughter Tessa, knew the space would need some improvements in order to make it the perfect retreat for their active lifestyle. Marie Clare, a copywriter for Bobbi Brown, and Peter, who works for Mayor Bloomberg, planned to modernize the 2 bedroom home, focusing on the living space & bathroom. With a great sense of style and a clear, modern vision, they posted their project ideas to theSweeten, and, after meeting their matches, chose to work with Sweeten Expert NYC Pros. Firm owner Peter Ramirez impressed the new homeowners by completing the project in only 3 weeks to meet their March 30th move-in — and the results are as charming as little Tessa!

park slope home renovation

Before: Woodwork detailing throughout the home made the spaces feel dark and outdated — and those yellow walls weren’t helping either! The homeowners wanted to create a brighter and more open space, starting with the removal of a large archway that separated the living and dining spaces.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Full Floor Gut Renovation in Ditmas Park



Ever since our construction visits at the end of last year, we’ve been anticipating our return to Ditmas Park to see this completed first floor gut renovation, built by tS member Alan Michael Carpentry (above photo: Alan Bowes, AMC owner). The 1000 sqft, Brownstone home had not been updated in 40 years before AMC was brought in to transform the heavily compartmentalized living spaces of the first floor into an open, functional, and modern family home. The team at AMC had their work cut out for them, beginning with asbestos abatement and structural reinforcing which was necessary to create the new, open plan. They also relocated plumbing, updated electrical, and integrated a new HVAC system before moving onto the modern finishes we see now.


Before the renovation, the first floor was broken into tiny compartments, some of which had no natural light. The homeowners worked with architect & new tS member, Slavica Novak Nikolic R.A. of Urban Bond Creative, to create a layout that works much better with their lifestyle; the open plan is ideal for entertaining and for keeping the family connected, even when working on separate things.



Last month we were excited to share a first look at tS member GSDO‘s completed retrofit in South Williamsburg. Adam Glickman & Lauren Schlesinger, the husband-wife team behind GSDO, had been working on the conversion of this historic paper doily factory since last summer. Now, the mixed-use building houses 2 apartments on its upper level, and at street level it is the new home of the Williamsburg Neighborhood Nursery School. The couple’s young daughter gave them plenty of inspiration for designing a great school for Brooklyn youngsters — and the building’s industrial character works perfectly with the designers’ modern & minimalist aesthetic.  (more…)

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Joanna & Mark’s 1-bedroom loft in Clinton Hill was a perfect place for the couple to spread out and enjoy their work & hobbies –that is, until the day they found out they’d be having a baby! With a new addition to the family on her way, the mother & father-to-be needed to make some changes at home, including more storage options and, of course, a place for their daughter, while also keeping workspace available for Mark, a composer, multimedia artist & student. So, the expecting couple posted their project to theSweeten and, after meeting their matches, chose to work with Sarah Zames of tS interior design firm General Assembly for their renovation.


Before renovating, the 950 sqft loft had a lot of open space, including an area for Mark to practice music and store his equipment.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finished Gut Renovation in the West Village



This week we’re back in the West Village to check out tS member Maslow Interiors‘ newest completed project. After almost 30 years in their 1,000 sqft flat, homeowners Ron & Suzen were excited to give their space a full gut renovation which began early last summer. The home’s new 1-bed, 2-bath layout is a complete reworking of the former 2-bed, 1-bath arrangement; and a uniquely designed (and precisely built) open kitchen takes center stage, making it the perfect space to cook and host friends & family. When we stopped by, Peter Maslow and photographer Cary Whittier (carywhittier.com/) were on site as well, snapping some final shots of the completed project.


Looking at the home’s new centrally located kitchen ‘box': the exterior of the box is clad in solid oak paneling. Inside, the kitchen features white laquer surfaces. Peter’s team had to work extremely precisely when constructing every element of the cubic kitchen in order to guarantee perfect geometry, true to the architect’s drawings.


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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Park Slope Kitchen Renovation



For those who love to cook and entertain, an outdated kitchen can pose some annoying setbacks. Brooklyn couple Erin & Mark made do for 2 years in their Park Slope 1-bed before deciding to give their kitchen’s laminate surfaces and retro appliances a full upgrade. After having worked with tS member Nick Dillon of Nick Knacks Creative Interiors on a previous bathroom update, they knew he’d be perfect to tackle their kitchen project too. Erin, a film distributor, and Mark, an editor/journalist (who just launched a cool soccer magazine), couldn’t be happier with the result! So, we stopped in to check out the couple’s new, more functional kitchen.


Here’s what Mark & Erin were working with for those first 2 years…


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Industrial Loft Retrofit, Apt A



We love watching dramatic transformations of spaces unfold around the city –so imagine our excitement when our friends at GSDO invited us to check out an adaptive reuse project they were working on in S. Williamsburg. When we started following the project last summer, the 7,000 sqft, former paper doily factory was still under construction, but the ground floor was already well on its way to becoming the new Williamsburg Neighborhood Nursery School. Today we’re inside one of the building’s upper level apartments to see what Adam Glickman & Lauren Schlesinger of GSDO came up with for this Brooklyn retrofit.


Here’s what the site looked like before construction began. The factory had been left vacant for several years after Brooklyn Lace Paper Works relocated their doily mill to Connecticut.


cover 03

Last year, Brooklyn resident Jane posted to theSweeten hoping to find the right contractor to remodel her condo’s cookie cutter kitchen. Not only was she bored with the kitchen’s aesthetic, she was also frustrated by its lack of functional storage. Most importantly she told us, “the stove is not vented and sets off the smoke alarms” –yikes! While we’re all used to making certain sacrifices in New York City, there comes a limit. So, Jane was eager to meet her tS matches & give her home the kitchen it deserves. After meeting with a few members of theSweeten network, Jane chose to work with Kris Famurat of Famurat Builders for her renovation. (more…)


Last week we introduced you to a Brooklyn-based couple who have just completed the renovation of their 775 sqft Fort Greene flat: Billy, a freelance web developer (currently at Paddle8), and Sally, a painter and museum educator at MoMA, ICP and the American Museum of Folk Art. Billy & Sally’s project got started on Sweeten with preliminary construction work by tS member ecostruct llc, and subsequently finished up with a full kitchen update and flooring replacement carried out by Billy & Sally themselves (–some of which is also documented here on Billy’s renovation blog). The couple, along with their kitty, Lil’ Miss, recently invited us back to show off the gorgeous results. Their new space is cozy & bright, and, after being put to the test over the holidays, is also a perfect venue for cooking & entertaining!


Here is what the apartment looked like just before Billy & Sally moved in. Throughout the apartment the parquet floors were badly worn and the ceilings showed significant water damage. The kitchen, which was tucked away in a maze of walls, was a tight & dreadfully generic space.



“With theSweeten you get cut and dry options. It takes the uncertainty out of chasing down leads.”

–Billy F., Fort Greene resident

Today we’re excited to bring you our first site visit of 2013! Billy & Sally’s renovation started last May when the couple posted to Sweeten looking for a contractor to help convert their newly purchased, but outdated flat in Fort Greene into an open and fully-updated home. The couple had purchased the apartment a month earlier with immediate intentions to renovate, and interestingly, they wanted to do the work themselves. Being practical, however, they opted to hire a contractor to carry out the initial structural, electrical & repair work, and would save the kitchen renovation and new hardwood floor installation for themselves. After reviewing and meeting their matches from theSweeten network, Billy & Sally chose to work with Jon Eklund of ecostruct llc on these initial project components.


Above is what the space was like when Billy & Sally purchased their apartment. The layout was anything but open with a partition breaking up the living and dining spaces, and a small galley kitchen that was practically fortressed by walls in the center of the home.