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Site Visit :: Before & After at Sotto 13


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Today we’re excited to bring you the gorgeous outcome of one of theSweeten’s best small business renovations of the year! Last month we showed you how Maneli Wilson (above), got started on the new design for this social Italian eatery in the West Village; then, we followed up with a preview of the materials & finishes as they were installed during the project’s construction. Today, we’ll show you the space at Sotto 13 before & after it was sweetened –and if it’s any indication of this renovation’s success, Sotto 13’s very happy manager told us that their new vibe has already increased sales by 80%!



04_theSweeten_ManeliWilsonInteriors-Sotto13 3

Here’s what the bar area looked like before we matched the restaurant team with Maneli. This interior was out of touch with its West Village neighborhood. The restaurant managers were looking for a warmer, more inviting vibe for the space.

Maneli warmed up the bar area with rustic wood seating & floors, edison lighting and antiqued mirrors; combining these elements with modern wall treatments & textiles. The new bartop & hightop tables feature Paonazzo marble –very chic and fresh but still classically Italian.

06_theSweeten_ManeliWilsonInteriors-Sotto13 3

Here is a ‘before’ view of the dining area, the 2-level space was vast and impersonal. This interior looks like it might have been better suited for a hotel lobby, or a maybe a doctor’s waiting room.

07_theSweeten_ManeliWilsonInteriors-Sotto13 3

Here’s Maneli’s take on the dining rooms –now the space is warm and inviting, and the two levels each have their own slightly different character.

08_theSweeten_ManeliWilsonInteriors-Sotto13 3

The lower dining section has new hightop banquettes with more of the same rustic, ‘Madeline’ stools from Restoration Hardware. The window openings are covered with antiqued mirrors and chalkboards to feature rotating art by local artists; the first set of chalk drawings are by the TriBeCa-based artist Jenna Snyder-Phillips, whose work is also featured permanently in the upper dining space.

13_theSweeten_ManeliWilsonInteriors-Sotto13 3

09_theSweeten_ManeliWilsonInteriors-Sotto13 3

The upper dining space is a bit more intimate with 3/4 round tables & u-shaped banquettes, and a slightly darker color palette for the walls and seating.

10_theSweeten_ManeliWilsonInteriors-Sotto13 3

11_theSweeten_ManeliWilsonInteriors-Sotto13 3

12_theSweeten_ManeliWilsonInteriors-Sotto13 3

We love the new space so much, we decided to try out Sotto 13 for theSweeten holiday party –it was a great time with wonderful food & drink!

Happy Holidays & thanks very much to the team at Sotto 13 and to Maneli Wilson!

Does your space need some added character? Post your project to Sweeten!

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