Finding Your Home Office Niche

by Carol Wang

A cleverly conceived workspace is your ultimate daily organizer

Few city apartments have the space for a dedicated home office, and we at Sweeten love seeing the creativity that stems from designing in small spaces. From closet-to-desk conversions to beautifully designed, multi-functional furniture, there’s no need for your workspace to be an afterthought. Sweeten, a free service matching homeowners with vetted general contractors, has helped homeowners add small but efficient (and oh-so-lovely) desk nooks in many a renovation. Do you have a corner or a nook that’s itching for a home office? Read on for ideas on what might work for you.

home office

After relocating her clothing storage to a larger space, Lauren’s Sweeten contractor added a custom desk nook to the spot where her old closet stood. Three simple slabstwo deep shelves above and a desk surfacedo the job.

home office

A Vitsoe modular unit was the perfect way for Tom and Alex to create an organized home office in a sunlit corner of their living area. Its clean lines and silhouette blend seamlessly with their mid-century style.

home office

Emily’s new home office replaced two small, unusable closets. The nook, which provides storage for papers and books, is an ideal workspace in her small studio since it’s down the hallway from her sleeping area.

home office

Eight-year-old Jake used to share a room with his older brother, but his parents, Gail and Ben, decided that it was time he had his own space. He also got a customized desk unit that converts to a bed (!) in the bargain. The child-sized desk, designed by Resource Furniture, is just right for him and a friend, and his Sweeten designer added comfy poufs for seating and chalkboard paper above to spur creativity.


A minimalist, floating white desk was crafted especially for Katherine by her Sweeten contractor. It spans the length of a small wall behind a custom headboard that separates her workspace from her sleeping area. The desk includes a drawer as well as a linear opening for her electrical cords.

For more small-space solutions, check out our round-up of ideas on how to live large in a small apartment.

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