Putting up walls for multifunctional spaces—and privacy

Open floor plans are all the rage—so much so that the first temptation of a renovating homeowner may be to tear down walls. But before you bring in the wrecking ball, consider if you’ll have enough personal space for your family (or frequent overnight guests), and how a strategically placed wall or partition can add to the layout while defining the private areas of your home. Take cues from these Sweeten homeowners and their clever uses of space, from carving out niches and capturing square footage in other areas to adding moveable partitions for smooth transitions.

Deeksha_Living_Room-05Deeksha_Living_Room-03Deeksha and Joe’s windowed wall and guest bedroom.

With an L-shaped living room in their new apartment, Deeksha and Joe saw the opportunity to create a guest bedroom. All they needed to do was add a wall and a doorway. The only problem was that the placement of the wall would block the light and hide a gorgeous view from the corner windows. A unique solution—an interior wall of windows—provides the necessary privacy for the guest bedroom while still allowing the flow of light to reach the rest of the living room. The new space also serves as a light-filled workspace for the family.

SWEETEN_Jerry_Apartment-10 SWEETEN_Jerry_Apartment-15Janet and Jerry’s bedroom and adjoining dressing room.

Layout changes allowed Janet and Jerry to turn their two-bedroom into a spacious one-bedroom, giving the couple the flexibility to do exactly what they wanted within the space. The old kitchen had been next to the master bedroom, and after it was moved, they decided to preserve the existing wall between both rooms. The space that had once belonged to the kitchen was transformed into a dressing room. It’s now Janet’s favorite room in the home with an enormous closet, plenty of room for seating, and a full-sized washer and dryer.

SWEETEN_Amber_Apartment-13-14SWEETEN_Amber_Apartment-22Chris and Amber’s kid’s bedroom.

The notion of adding a dishwasher to their kitchen escalated into a full gut renovation, and then took another, unexpected turn when Chris and Amber found out their second child was on the way. The project was now an opportunity to carve out a room for their older son. A wall was added to separate the dining nook from the rest of the kitchen, turning it into a bedroom, and a milk glass transom window was installed above the doorway to allow light to filter through. Finishing touches; a crib, picture shelves, roller blinds, and a colorful rug complete the transformation from dining nook to a growing boy’s bedroom.

SWEETEN_Frans_Apartment-08-12 SWEETEN_Frans_Apartment-27-31Frans and Dalal’s movable partitions and multipurpose spaces.

Frans and Dalal planned on making their studio function as a two-bedroom; not an easy feat, considering the apartment’s existing open-plan layout. A custom king-size platform bed was built into the space designated as the master bedroom. The key feature, movable partitions, allow it to work as a space for sleep or as another part of the home. For the “second bedroom,” a queen-size Murphy bed that folds up horizontally to save space and a closet were installed in the area designated as the living room, which uses the same sliding doors for privacy. As an added bonus, the wall unit that houses the pull-out bed and closet blends into the surrounding walls when the bed is tucked away.

SWEETEN_Karen_Kitchen-Bathroom-11Karen and Kevin’s nursery.

In order to make their one-bedroom apartment family-ready, Karen and Kevin set their sights on converting a dining nook situated at the tail end of the kitchen into a nursery for their daughter. A wall and doorway were created to allow entry from the main living area. The new nursery, now completely separate from the kitchen, receives a flood of sunlight during the day, an added benefit from the window it inherited from the former dining area.

Sliding-Doors-No-WatermarkCasey and Kumar’s retractable partition.

A one-bedroom in a coveted neighborhood inspired Casey and Kumar to make it work for their four-person family. After closely examining their family’s daily routines and patterns, the couple decided to give their two sons the master bedroom so that they would have a designated space for playtime and bedtime. A multipurpose space was designed in the main living area with a wall of custom millwork and a pull-out bed, answering the question of where Casey and Kumar would sleep and store their clothes. To preserve privacy and block light and noise, a retractable partition now divides the designated sleeping space from the rest of the home, offering flexibility for the family’s needs.

SWEETEN_Linsday_Kitchen-11Lindsay and Matt’s nursery.

With plans to turn their one-bedroom into a two-bedroom apartment, Lindsay and Matt’s goal was to split the existing bedroom into a master bedroom and nursery. A few key layout changes, including the decision to demolish closets and gain back valuable square footage, build a partition, and create a doorway that opened into the living room, made it all possible. These newly constructed spaces have allowed the home to reach its full potential by making room for the whole family.


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