Who Do I Hire For My Renovation?

Before starting a renovation, you’ll need to choose your team of licensed experts to help you navigate the process

You’re ready to go…your plans have crystallized, you’ve got a budget and are excited for the renovation to come. What next? Depending on your scope and spend, knowing who to reach out to, and when, will help you plan. Here’s a chart to identify which professionals—architect, interior designer, general contractor—you may need to achieve your goal. It’s important to note that there can be overlap among services. For example, some architects can also provide design expertise on layout and materials. If you hire an interior designer who has drawings, he/she may be able to secure the services of an architect to have them stamped. Some general contractors work closely with architects they can enlist for the job, while others have design services in-house (design + build). Editor’s Note: This chart has a brand new look and is an update to the original March 2013 version. Scroll down to see the chart and click to download a printable PDF version.

who do I hire for my renovation

When you need build services, finding a contractor who is licensed is an important first step to hiring your team. Learn about the steps that follow in General Contractor 101: How to Find One and What to Expect so you can renovate with confidence.

Sweeten handpicks the best general contractors to match each project’s location, budget, and scope, helping until project completion. Follow the blog for renovation ideas and inspiration and when you’re ready to renovate, start your renovation on Sweeten.

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    nice! looks like I should hire a contractor :)

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  • Hiring a good architect is key. They are familiar with the roles and responsibilities of all parties, design in general, and all regulatory processes. It can be overwhelming doing it alone. Having a good architect who has your best interests (budget, style, shedule) in mind will help you sleep at night.

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