Q&A With Jean: Should I Take the Lowest Bid?

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Sweeten’s Founder + CEO Answers Your Renovation Questions

Welcome to #14 in our series, designed to bring clarity to some of the mysteries of renovating! Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a serial renovator, each project brings with it a new set of circumstances and new questions, and Sweeten is here to be a source of knowledge and reassurance. 

Feel free to email me at JBrownhill@sweeten.com with any reno questions or dilemmas you’d like addressed.

QUESTION: Should I take the lowest bid? 

JEAN: The short answer is no. To us, a bid that is significantly lower than all the rest you’ve received is a red flag. Usually, that means someone has missed something: maybe they didn’t look at the drawings or don’t really understand the project. If estimates are all within a certain percentage of each other, you like the person who bid the lowest, you communicate well, and you really love his or her style and craft—absolutely go with them. But just don’t hire your cousin’s nephew’s brother who says he can do it for half the price. We have been called to try to fix that kind of project many times—it often doesn’t work out well.

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    Hey I’m in the philly area 19134 code.
    I would like my kitchen wall,ceiling & back door replaced. Hard wood floors replaced in 1 bed room,the living room and kitchen.? Thank you.

    • Tisha Leung

      Hi, We’d be happy to match you with the right Sweeten general contractor in Philadelphia. Please post your project on our website and we’ll get you matched right away! https://sweeten.com/
      Thank you.